It is our mission to give Ohana athletes the absolute highest quality of softball instruction as well as one of the the best athlete performance training and rehabilitation programs offered anywhere for elite youth and prep sports. It is equally important that through the game of softball and its many nuances, we are able to help develop respectable citizens and young ladies who are also smart and confident off the field.

All of this is accomplished by providing a fun, safe and family-driven atmosphere to all of our athletes. With the goal of helping each of our athletes realize their the opportunity to play softball in college one day, we stress the importance of succeeding in the classroom as well as the ball field.

We have always approached the “travel ball world” with perspective and humility so we will always be honest with our assessments and advice given to our families not only with general questions regarding softball, but honest and heartfelt advice as they become recruitable athletes.

We are a small organization by design, but as we grow, our number one goal will always remain the same - To create value and the ultimate, most thoughtful softball travel ball experience for all of our families.